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The ADF Security Policies page should now look like this:

ADF Policies page

Each time you create a new bounded task flow or ADF page definition file in your user interface projects, the new ADF resource will be visible in the ADF Policies page. You use the overview editor to define security policies for ADF resources associated with web pages for the entire application. You can also use the overview editor to sort ADF resources and easily view those that have no security policy yet defined.

In the development environment, this is the jazn-data.xml file. After you configure the jazn-data.xml file using the editors, you can run the application in Integrated WebLogic Server and the contents of the policy store will be added to the domain-level store, the system-jazn-data.xml file, while the test users will be migrated to the embedded LDAP server that Integrated WebLogic Server uses for its identity store. The domain-level store allows you to test the security implementation by logging on as test users that you have created.

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