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In this card, you will create an initial page template with the layout and components that are common to all pages in your application. Typically you would create and bind navigation components on a JSF page template, then use the template to create your pages. Using a page template also provides the same layout and look and feel for your application pages.

To begin creating a page template, you will open the Create JSF Page template dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, you will right-click the ViewController project node and choose New . Then in the New Gallery, expand the Web Tier category and select JSF, and in the Items list, select JSF Page Template.

New Gallery, Web Tier, JSF, JSF Page Template

A page template is created in a template definition file written in XML; the definition file has .jspx as the file extension. The template is described in two sections inside the template definition file: a metadata section that contains all the metadata for the template (such as the template display name), and a layout section that contains all the individual ADF Faces components that make up the template page layout.

Create JSF Page Template dialog

The Create JSF Page Template dialog helps you to create metadata for the template only, such as the template's display name, and any facet definitions or attributes that the template might include. In the example, you will enter a file name for the template, and add a facet definition. The facet definition you add will allow page authors to add their own page contents when they create their pages using the template.

After creating the initial metadata, you will use tools such as the visual editor and Component Palette to define the components for the layout part of the template definition.

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