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The JSF pages you create for a web application using ADF Faces are JSP documents (which have the file extension .jspx).

You can create the pages with the Create JSF Page dialog, opening it from:

  • The New Gallery
  • The ADF Task Flow diagrammer

Create JSF JSP dialog

You will create the welcome.jspx, products.jspx and stock.jspx pages based on the template. To open the dialog, in the ADF Task Flow diagrammer, you will double-click each view activity (page) icon:

JSF page icon

When you create a new JSF page using a template, JDeveloper automatically creates a starter page structure with a JSP page directive, and the namespaces for the JSF Core, HTML, and ADF Faces tag libraries. The other elements included in a starter file are elements for laying out a page, specifically the tags within <f:view> and </f:view>. In the XML editor for the page, you should see the code JDeveloper adds for you:

                                <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?> <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="#" version="2.1"           xmlns:f="#"           xmlns:h="#"           xmlns:af="">   < contentType="text/html;charset=windows-1252"/>   <f:view>     <af:document..>       <af:form..>         <af:pageTemplate viewId="/productTemplate.jspx"..>           <f:facet name="main_content"/>         </af:pageTemplate>       </af:form>>     </af:document>   </f:view> </jsp:root>   

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