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In this section you enable ADF security for your application. To begin configuring security, you will use the Configure ADF Security Wizard. To open the wizard, from the Application menu, choose Secure then choose Configure ADF Security .

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The Oracle ADF Security framework is the preferred technology to provide authentication and authorization services to the Fusion web application. Oracle ADF Security is built on top of the Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) architecture, which itself is well-integrated with Oracle WebLogic Server. While other security-aware models exist that can handle user login and resource protection, Oracle ADF Security is ideally suited to provide declarative, permission-based protection for ADF bounded task flows, top-level web pages that use ADF bindings (pages that are not contained in a bounded task flow), and at the lowest level of granularity, rows of data defined by ADF entity objects and their attributes.

You enable ADF Security for Fusion web applications when you run the Configure ADF Security wizard. The wizard configures ADF Security for the entire Fusion web application, so that any web page associated with an ADF security-aware resource is protected by default. This means that after you enable ADF Security, your application is locked down so that the pages are considered secure by default.

The first time you run the Configure ADF Security wizard and enable authentication and authorization, you secure ADF resources at the level of the application. Additionally, you select specific project-level settings for the user interface project, including the authentication type and the authentication welcome. The wizard adds these web application settings to the web.xml file in the project you select.

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