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When you complete the steps for creating JSF page navigation on a diagram, the JSF navigation diagram should look something like this:

JSF navigation diagram

By drawing the navigation cases on a diagram, the required navigation rules and the different cases for each rule are added to the JSF configuration file for you automatically. The JSF navigation diagram now shows the two navigation cases you have just defined as arrows connecting the pages in your application.

At this point, the page icons on the navigation diagram represent JSF pages for which the physical files have not been created yet. In the next cue card, you will create the actual files for the pages, then the page icons will change to indicate that physical files are associated with the icons.

You can see the rules that JDeveloper has added to the JSF configuration file. In the editor window, click the Overview tab to switch to the overview editor and select Navigation Rules from the element list on the left:

Navigation rules displayed in the overview editor

You can see the same rules in XML by clicking the Source tab in the editor window:

Navigation rules displayed in XML

Note: Warnings on the diagram and in the code indicate that the referenced files have not been created yet.

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