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When you create a JSF page using the dialog, you can specify whether or not components on the page are exposed in a managed bean, to allow programmatic manipulation of the UI components. By default components are not exposed to managed beans. If you wish to bind components to managed beans, expand the Page Implementation section in the Create JSF Page dialog, then select one of the automatic binding options.

In the example, you will choose not to use automatic component binding at page creation time.

Create JSF Page dialog, auto binding options

If you choose to automatically expose UI components in a managed bean, JDeveloper automatically creates a backing bean for any new JSF page that you create. When you drop a component on the page, JDeveloper inserts a bean property for each component, and uses the binding attribute to bind component instances to those properties, allowing the bean to accept and return component instances.

For example, if you drop a command button onto a page that uses automatic component binding, JDeveloper will add the following property code in the backing bean source file:

private HtmlCommandButton commandButton1;
public void setCommandButton1(HtmlCommandButton commandButton1) {
  this.commandButton1 = commandButton1;
public HtmlCommandButton getCommandButton1() {
  return commandButton1;

And in the page, the command button is automatically bound to the property in the backing bean using code similar to the following, where the name of the page is home.jsp, and the backing bean name is backing_home:

<h:commandButton id="commandButton1"

If you choose not to let JDeveloper use automatic component binding, you can use the Property Inspector to manually bind any component on the page. For example, if you insert an input text component, click the property menu icon dropdown menu at the end of the component's Binding field in the Property Inspector and choose Edit to open the Edit Property dialog.

Property Inspector, Binding property, Edit

In the Edit Property dialog, you can create a managed bean for the page if one does not already exist, and you can also create a new bean property for the component.

Edit Property dialog

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