tell me more icon Creating a Java Class

A new class can be created and added to your project after you build the initial set of JSF application files, to create a simple bean object.

To begin creating a Java class, you will open the Create Java Class dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, right-click the project and choose New . In the New Gallery, select General in the Categories tree and Java Class in the Items list and click OK.

New Gallery, General category items

Then, in the Create Java Class dialog, you will specify the class name.

Create Java Class dialog

When you create a class in JDeveloper, the class is added to the active project. You can immediately begin editing the class file in the source editor.

Java source editor with generated code

In the example, you will add two properties and generate getter and setter methods on the properties. Then you will add a method to save input data and display a message.

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