tell me more icon Registering the Class as a Managed Bean

Your application needs certain resources, such as files containing the messages and text to be displayed by the application pages, and beans defining the data for the application to work with.

The resources your application needs are specified in the JSF configuration file, faces-config.xml. The resources an application might need include:

  • Managed beans
  • Custom message bundles
  • Custom validators and converters

In the example, you will create a JSF managed bean for the Java class that you created previously. To create and configure a managed bean, you will use the overview editor for JSF configuration files. To open the overview editor, in the Application Navigator double-click faces-config.xml to open the file in the editor window, then click the Overview tab at the bottom of the editor.

Overview editor for JSF configuration file

In the Managed Beans section of the overview editor, you will click add icon Add to use the Create Managed Bean dialog to let JDeveloper configure the managed bean in faces-config.xml.

Create Managed Bean dialog

In the Create Managed Bean dialog, you will also specify a bean name and click Browse to use the Class Browser to select and add the Java class name.

Class Browser

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