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The two JSF libraries that provide the JSF components were included in your page when you created it. They are:

  • The JavaServer Faces HTML tag library, which contains tags representing common HTML user interface components.
  • The JavaServer Faces Core tag library, which contains tags that perform core actions such as event handling and data conversion.

JDeveloper provides the Component Palette for dragging and dropping components onto your JSF pages in the visual editor. To see the libraries and components that are currently available, click the dropdown list in the Component Palette.

Dropdown list in Component Palette

To begin adding JSF components, select JSF from the dropdown list.

JSF components in Component Palette

Expand the HTML or Core panel that contains the components you are interested in. Then click and drag a component to the page in the visual editor. Drop the component at the desired location on the page.

Help information is provided for each component, explaining its purpose and its attributes. To find such information, right-click an item in a panel in the Component Palette and choose Help .

In addition to the JSF components listed above, you can include:

  • HTML tags to design and format the web page
  • JSP tags to generate the dynamic content on the page
  • A style sheet to format the content of the page

Although you can mix JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) tags and JSF tags in a page, Oracle recommends that you do so sparingly.

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