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When you complete the steps for creating your session bean, the Application Navigator should look similar to this:

Application Navigator

JDeveloper generated the following files in the acme.ejb.session package:

  • This file is the bean class. The bean class implements the business methods of the bean and contains annotations that can be used to specify bean types, different attributes such as transaction or security settings, O-R mapping and injection of environment or resource references.
  • This is the remote interface. The remote interface is used by client applications that run in a separate virtual machine (VM), such as Java clients. (A local interface is used by clients that run in the same VM, such as Web clients. Since this application uses only a Java client, a local interface does not need to be generated.) The interface files are automatically kept in sync and you should not need to change them.

If you select in the Application Navigator, the Structure window should look similar to this:

Structure window

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