tell me more icon Creating and Running a Java Client

JDeveloper includes a sample Java client utility for testing your business services. To begin generating a sample Java client, in the Application Navigator right-click the session bean and choose New Sample Java Client .

New Sample Java Client context menu item

In the Create Sample Java Client dialog, you will specify a new package for the Java client and choose to use Integrated WebLogic Server for testing purposes.

Create Sample Java Client dialog

When you click OK, JDeveloper automatically generates methods on the sample Java client for every service exposed in the session bean's remote interface.

Then you will use the source editor to add code in the generated Java sample client to call the business method you created earlier.

To test your business service, you will right-click the session bean in the Application Navigator and choose R un .

Once the integrated server is running, you will run the Java client by choosing R un from the context menu.

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