tell me more icon Creating a Sample Java Client

When you create a sample Java client, you can choose to create the client in the same package as the session bean, or specify a different package. Putting your client files in a separate package is a good practice because it simplifies navigation in large projects.

Create Sample Java Client dialog

You have the option of connecting to JDeveloper's Integrated WebLogic Server. By default, JDeveloper automatically configures an integrated server named Integrated WebLogic Server that references a user-specific instance of Oracle WebLogic Server bundled with the IDE. Integrated WebLogic Server is a Java EE runtime service for packaged archive deployment. Based on zero-copy deployment, Integrated WebLogic Server lets you run and test an application and its projects as a Java EE application in a Java EE container. No special connection setup is required to use Integrated WebLogic Server.

After generating the sample Java client, you will add code in the generated client file to call the sayHello method you created earlier.

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