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Libraries are provided for the various APIs and technologies installed with JDeveloper. These libraries are categorized as extension libraries, which are shared by all users of an install.

There are several tag libraries to choose when you are creating a new project:

Choose Tag Libraries dialog

ADF Faces provides the ADF Faces Components JSP tag library. When you add the ADF Faces Components tag library, JDeveloper adds the name and location of the tag library descriptor (TLD) file, the unique identifier of the tag library, the Java library names required to execute tags from the tag library at runtime, and the preferred value for the prefix of tags when the library is used in a JSP page.

Project Properties, JSP Tag Libraries page

By default, JDeveloper will display the ADF Faces tags on the ADF Faces page of the Component Palette, and execute all tags in the tag library in a simulated JSP/Servlet container available in the JSP visual editor. To customize the tags that should be executed during design time, select the tag library in the JSP Tag Libraries page of the Project Properties dialog, and click Customize .

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