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The declarative component name you specify in the Create JSF Declarative Component dialog will be used as the display name of the declarative component in the Component Palette, as well as the name of the Java class generated for the component tag. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed in the name for the declarative component, for example, SampleName or SampleName1.

Create JSF Declarative Component dialog

By default, JDeveloper uses the declarative component name as the file name for the declarative component definition file, such as SampleName1.jspx. Declarative component definition files must be XML documents, and therefore, the file extension .jspx is used.

The declarative component package name is used by JDeveloper later when creating the Java class for the declarative component.

Create Declarative Component Tag Library dialog

The tag library name is the name of the tag library that will contain the declarative component. The tag library URI and prefix specify the declarative component tag library namespace and prefix, which JDeveloper will use in the jsp:root tag in the JSF page that consumes the declarative component. For example:

                                <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="#" version="2.0"           xmlns:f="#"           xmlns:af=""           xmlns:mc="/mycomponents">

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