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When you complete the steps for defining the layout of your declarative component, the visual editor should look similar to this:

Visual editor, page with menu bar

In the Structure window, notice that the element af:facetRef is inserted after af:menu - File. This enables page authors who use the declarative component to add additional menus, if they wish.

Structure window

The entire declarative component definition is contained within the af:componentDef element, which is divided into two parts: the af:xmlContent element, and components outside of af:xmlContent. The metadata describing the declarative component's facet, attribute, method, and tag library details are contained with the af:xmlContent element. Any components outside of af:xmlContent (but still within af:componentDef) constitute the declarative component's layout. It does not matter whether the layout components outside of af:xmlContent are inserted before or after the af:xmlContent element, as long as they are within af:componentDef.

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