tell me more icon Deploying the Definition Project to an ADF Library JAR

The web pages that will consume declarative components cannot be in the same project where the declarative components are defined. To share or reuse declarative components, first you will have to deploy the project that contains those component definitions to an ADF Library JAR file. If you have more than one definition project, each project must be deployed to one ADF Library JAR.

To begin deploying a project to an ADF Library JAR, you will open the Create Deployment Profile dialog. To open the dialog, from the Build menu you will choose Deplo y , and then choose New Deployment Profile . In the New Gallery, you will select ADF Library JAR File.

New Gallery, Deployment Profiles

Create Deployment Profile dialog

After creating a deployment profile, you will deploy the definition project by right-clicking the project in the Application Navigator and choosing Deplo y , and then choosing the deployment profile name from the context menu.

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