tell me more icon Creating a File System Connection and Adding the ADF Library JAR to a Project

To share ADF Library JAR files that contain reusable components such as declarative components, the JAR files must be stored in a repository where other developers can access them and import them into their own projects. You will use a file system connection to provide the repository for your declarative component ADF Library JAR.

To begin creating a file system connection, you will open the Resource Palette, and then open the Create File System Connection dialog. To open the Resource Palette, from the View menu, choose Resource Palette. Click the New connection icon New icon, choose New Connection , and then choose File System.

Resource Palette, New Connection menu options

When you create a file system connection, you will specify a connection name, and the location of the deploy folder that contains the ADF Library JAR file.

Create File System Connection dialog

The file system connection you create will be added to the Resource Palette in the IDE Connections panel.

For a project to consume a declarative component from an ADF Library JAR, you will load the ADF Library JAR into the consuming project's set of libraries by selecting Add to Project from the context menu in the IDE Connections panel of the Resource Palette.

Resource Palette, context menu

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