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The Resource Palette provides an easy and efficient way to distribute and use ADF Library JAR files. Once an ADF Library JAR is added to the Resource Palette, other developers will be able to search for it and add it to their projects.

As a developer of reusable components, after you package all the artifacts of a project into an ADF Library JAR, you add the JAR to a reusable component repository through JDeveloper's Resource Palette. The Resource Palette provides multiple connections to access different sources, and it has a structure tree view for displaying different connections and ADF Library JAR component types. You will create a file system connection for storing and sharing the ADF Library JAR.

Resource Palette, File System connection

As a consumer of reusable components, you use the Resource Palette to search and browse for the ADF Library JAR that contains declarative components. Then you add the ADF Library JAR to the project that will consume the declarative components. By adding the JAR to the project's set of libraries, at design time the JAR is added to the project's class path and available for reuse. At runtime, the reused component runs out of the JAR file by reference.

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