tell me more icon Projects with the Added ADF Library JAR

When you add the ADF Library JAR to a consuming project, JDeveloper adds the tag library that contains the declarative component to the project's list of JSP tag libraries.

Project Properties, JSP Tag Libraries page

The declarative component tag library will also appear in the Component Palette, and the declarative component will be available for selection from the palette.

JDeveloper also creates an ADF Library definition in the project and adds ADF Library to the project's class path, as shown on the Libraries and Classpath page of the Project Properties dialog:

Project Properties, Libraries and Classpath page

When you click Edit , you will see the ADF Library JAR in the class path.

Edit Library Definition dialog

By default, the ADF Library De ployed by Default option is selected. This means when you archive or build the application into a WAR file, JDeveloper will copy the contents of the ADF Library JAR to the archive or WAR file.

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