tell me more icon Creating a Page and Adding the Declarative Component

The web pages that will consume the declarative component cannot be in the same project where the declarative component is defined. You will create your web page in the ViewController project in the MyWebApp application.

To begin creating a page, you will open the default page flow diagram by double-clicking adfc-config.xml in the Application Navigator.

Application Navigator, ViewController project, adfc-config

On the page flow diagram, you will add a page representation with the name myPage. Then you will create the page by double-clicking the page icon on the diagram to open the Create JSF Page dialog.

Task flow diagrammer with page icon

In the Create JSF Page dialog, you can specify whether or not components on the page are exposed in a managed bean, to allow programmatic manipulation of the UI components. By default page components are not exposed to a managed bean.

Create JSF Page dialog

You can also optionally define some aspects of the look and feel for the new page. In the example, you will not use a page template, a quick start layout, or choose to let JDeveloper automatically use a managed bean for the page. If you wish to let JDeveloper automatically bind page components to a managed bean, expand the Page Implementation section in the Create JSF Page dialog, then select one of the automatic binding options.

After the page is created, you will use the visual editor and Component Palette to design the page and add the declarative component.

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