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The adfc-config.xml file is the default page flow diagram JDeveloper provided when you created an application based on the Fusion Web Application template. adfc-config.xml is the default file name for an unbounded task flow. On this diagram, you can define the activities and control flow rules that interact to allow a user to complete a task. In the example, you will define one view activity on the diagram to represent the page you will create.

Task flow diagrammer, Component Palette

When you first add a page, a page icon with a yellow warning symbol appears on the diagram. The yellow warning symbol indicates that the actual page file (for example, myPage.jspx) has not been created. To create the actual page file, double-click the page icon to open the Create JSF Page dialog. Once the page file is created, the yellow warning symbol on the page icon is removed.

Created page icon on task flow diagram

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