tell me more icon Modifying the Declarative Component on the Page

Using declarative components on a page is the same as using any other ADF Faces components. To modify a declarative component, you can use any combination of design tools, namely, the Structure window and Property Inspector.

Structure window

To begin modifying a declarative component, you will select the component in the Structure window, and then use the Property Inspector to set the declarative component's attributes.

Property Inspector

First, you will add a label for the declarative component in the MenuLabel field. Then you will use the Edit Property dialog and Create Managed Bean dialog to generate and attach an action listener method to the declarative component's Method1 field.

Edit Property dialog, managed bean method

You will also use the source editor to add Java code to the generated action listener method.

Java source editor

Finally, you will insert a Menu component into the declarative component's moreMenus facet, and run the page.

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