tell me more icon In the IDE

When you complete the steps for modifying the declarative component on the page, the visual editor should look something like this:

Visual editor, completed page

Click the Source tab at the bottom of the editor window. You should see the code JDeveloper added for you when you modified the declarative component:

<mc:myMenubar menuLabel="Hello" method1="#{myBean.myMethod}"..>
  <f:facet name="moreMenus">
    <af:menu text="Edit"..>
      <af:commandMenuItem text="Cut"../>
      <af:commandMenuItem text="Copy.."/>

When you run the page in a browser, the page should look similar to this:

Browser, run page

Click the Edit and File menu to see the menu items.

Browser, Edit menu

Browser, File menu

When you click the menu item Hello, you should see the following text in the Log window of JDeveloper:

!!! Hello World !!!

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