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The JSF pages you create for your application using ADF Faces can be JSP pages (which have file extension .jsp) or JSP documents written in XML syntax (which have file extension .jspx). You will create a JSF page as an XML document in this example.

You can create JSF pages with the Create JSF Page dialog, opening it from:

  • The New Gallery
  • The JSF navigation diagrammer
  • The ADF task flow diagrammer

To open the Create JSF Page dialog, in the Application Navigator, you will right-click the project and choose New . Then in the New Gallery, expand the Web Tier category and select JSF, and in the Items list, select JSF Page.

New Gallery, Web Tier, JSF

In the Create JSF Page dialog, you can specify whether and how you want to bind components on the page to a backing bean. You can also optionally define some aspects of the look and feel for the new page. In the example, you will use a quick start layout and choose not to let JDeveloper automatically use a backing bean for the page.

Create JSF Page dialog

When you create a new JSF page as an XML document ( .jspx), JDeveloper automatically creates a starter page structure with a JSP page directive, and jsp:root as the root element with three xmlns attributes for the ADF Faces, JSF Core, and JSF HTML tag libraries. The other elements included in a starter file are elements for laying out a page, specifically everything else within <f:view> and </f:view>. For example, the following code is generated for a new blank page:

                                <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>                                 
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="#" version="2.1"
< contentType="text/html;charset=windows-1252"/> <f:view> <af:document..> <af:form..></af:form> </af:document> </f:view> </jsp:root>

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