tell me more icon Defining the Component to Use as the Drag Source

You can drag a single object using a component and one of its attributes as the drag value, or you can drag a collection of objects such as a table or tree component. To define a component as a drag source, first add the non-collection or collection component to your page, then embed either the af:attributeDragSource tag or af:collectionDragSource tag into the non-collection or collection source component, respectively.

In this example, you will drag a single object (a non-collection component) using the af:image component. Instead of using an existing image component attribute as the drag value, you will add a new attribute to the image component.

To add an attribute (that will be used as a drag source) to the image component, you will insert the af:clientAttribute tag and use the Property Inspector to specify a name/value pair for the new attribute.

Property Inspector, Client Attribute

To tell ADF Faces which attribute to use as the drag source, you will add the af:attributeDragSource tag and use the Insert Attribute Drag Source dialog to specify the new attribute name. The dialog will display automatically when you insert the af:attributeDragSource tag.

Insert Attribute Drag Source dialog

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