tell me more icon Tags for Enabling a Component as a Drop Target

The af:attributeDropTarget tag lets you specify a component attribute (such as value) to be set when a compatible value is dragged and dropped onto the component. For example, if the target component is af:inputText, to enable the component and its value attribute as the drop target, you would embed af:attributeDropTarget within af:inputText and specify value as the drop target attribute, as shown here:

  <af:attributeDropTarget attribute="value"/>

At runtime, when a compatible drag source is dropped on the input component, the input component will automatically refresh to show the value of the source.

To specify a data component that uses a collection model (such as af:table and af:tree) as the drop target component, use the af:collectionDropTarget tag. To make a calendar component a drop target, use the af:calendarDropTarget tag. For details on how to use the tags, see the ADF Faces Tag Reference documentation.

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