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When you complete the steps for defining the component and component attribute to use as the drop target, the visual editor should look similar to this:

Visual editor

In the XML editor, the code for the input component looks like this:

<af:inputText label="Cup"..>
  <af:attributeDropTarget attribute="value"/>

When you run the page, the page in the browser should look similar to this:

Page run in browser, before dropping

Try dragging the image. As you position the cursor over the Cup input field, the background color of the field changes, indicating the mouse cursor is over an acceptable area on the page where the image can be dropped.

Drop target on browser

After you release the mouse button, you should see the word Coffee in the Cup input field.

Page run in browser, after dropping

Before proceeding to the next card, click terminate icon Terminate in JDeveloper and choose IntegratedWebLogicServer from the dropdown menu.

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