tell me more icon Registering the Custom Drop Event Listener on a Drop Target

The drop event listener method you created in the previous card adds a dropped value to a list of items in a listbox. Thus, in this example, you will add the af:selectOneListbox component and use it as the drop target.

When you add the af:selectOneListbox component, the Insert Select One Listbox dialog displays for you to either create individual, static items for the list on the page, or to bind to a list that is populated dynamically through a managed bean. You will choose to bind to a dynamic list (in the previous card, you have already created a property and a getter method in a managed bean that can populate the list dynamically).

Insert Select One Listbox dialog

To define a component as a drop target, you will embed the af:dropTarget tag into the component. When you embed af:dropTarget, the Insert Drop Target dialog displays for you to register the custom drop event listener on the component.

Insert Drop Target dialog

When you define the drop target, you will also use the af:dataFlavor tag to specify the type of object that can be dropped on the target.

Insert Data Flavor dialog

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