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When af:attributeDropTarget, af:collectionDropTarget, or af:calendarDropTarget meets your drag and drop functionality needs, or when you have custom code to perform upon a drop action, you can use the af:dropTarget tag with a component to make that component eligible for accepting drops.

The af:dropTarget tag has a dropListener attribute, which enables you to register your custom drop event listener method on the drop target.

In the Insert Drop Target dialog, you can either enter a method expression in the DropListener field, or choose Method Expression Builder from the property menu icon dropdown menu to use the builder tool to select a managed bean and a method.

Insert Drop Target dialog

Edit Property dialog, select method

To allow a drop target to accept different types of drop objects, you must use the af:dataFlavor tag with the af:dropTarget tag, and specify one or more data flavors (such as java.lang.String or java.util.Collection). In the example you will specify a data flavor of java.lang.String because the client attribute value you are using as the drag source is a String.

Insert Data Flavor dialog

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