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Panel Group Layout does not stretch its children, but the component itself can be stretched by its parent stretching component such as Panel Stretch Layout. The Panel Group Layout component can be stretched only when its Layout attribute is scroll or vertical. When the Layout attribute of Panel Group Layout is horizontal or default, the Panel Group Layout cannot be stretched.

If you do not want a component such an image to be stretched inside a stretching component like Panel Stretch Layout, wrap the component in a transition component that can be stretched but does not stretch its children, for example, a Panel Group Layout with layout="scroll".

Once you introduce any non-stretching layout component into a layer of stretching components, normal browser flow and layout takes over and the parent stretching component will no longer automatically stretch contents from that point. In other words, Panel Group Layout with layout="scroll" will create an area of flowing layout where any content inside the non-stretching component will be scrolled instead of stretched by the parent stretching component (Panel Stretch Layout).

For example, if you have a Panel Tabbed component (which can be stretched) inside a stretching layout parent, the page would look like this in the browser, where the tabbed panes are stretched in width and height:

Browser page with two tabs

If the same Panel Tabbed component is first wrapped in Panel Group Layout with layout="scroll" and then inserted into a stretching layout parent, the tabbed panels will not appear stretched in the browser; instead scroll bars will appear when needed:

Browser page with two tabs, vertical scroll bar

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