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In the Insert Image dialog, you can add an image by entering the image file name in the Source field. Alternatively you can use the Edit Property dialog to navigate to a source and select an image file. To use the Edit Property dialog, click property menu icon at the end of the Source field and choose Edit.

Insert Image dialog, dropdown menu

To choose an image from the JDeveloper images library, in the Edit Property dialog locate the <jdev_home>/jdeveloper/ide/lib/ folder and double-click oicons.jar to open it. Then navigate to oracle/javatools/icons/header and select the image file jdeveloper.png. Click OK.

Edit Property dialog for Icon

When prompted, click Yes to copy the image to your document root directory, then click Save.

In the Insert Image dialog, confirm that the required / (slash) has been inserted before the file name in the Source field, for example, /jdeveloper.png. Click OK to insert the image.

Insert Image dialog

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