tell me more icon Using the Editor Breadcrumbs and Actions Context Menu

When editing a page in the visual editor, you can use the breadcrumb links at the bottom of the editor window (just above the Design and other editor tabs) to select a component on the page. The editor breadcrumb links show the path of names from the currently selected component back to its root parent component. The last name in the path (shown in bold font) is the currently selected component; the names preceding the last name are the parent components. If a component has its Id attribute set, the Id attribute value is appended to the component name (for example, af:panelgrouplayout#pgl2, where pgl2 is the Id attribute value):

Lower part of visual editor, editor bread crumbs links

When you click a component name in the editor breadcrumb links, JDeveloper shows the selected component on the page with a dotted outline box. At the top right corner of the box is the actions dropdown icon context menu for the selected component. For example, click af:panelgrouplayout that is before af:image in the editor breadcrumbs, then move your cursor over the actions dropdown icon context menu. You should see the tooltip text Panel Group Layout Actions on the page:

Selected Panel Group Layout component

If you click actions dropdown icon you will see a dropdown menu of action items for the selected component. One of the menu items is Insert inside, which allows you to choose from a submenu of components that could be inserted into the selected component:

Panel Group Layout actions dropdown menu selections

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