tell me more icon Design This Container

When you click actions dropdown icon at the top right corner of the selected panel group layout on the page, you will see a context dropdown menu of action items. One of the menu items is Design This Container , which lets you edit the selected component (container) and its contents.

Actions context menu in editor

Alternatively you can click the design container icon design container icon to open the selected component in a container editor.

Design container icon

When working in a container, JDeveloper displays only the selected component and its contents for editing in the visual editor. Everything else that is not part of the selected component will be grayed out on the page.

Working in a design container

When you have finished working in the container, click anywhere in the gray area outside the container to return to the entire page in the visual editor. Alternatively you can click actions dropdown icon on the container component (or a selected component in the container) and choose Design Main Page to return to the full visual editor.

Actions context menu in container

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