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Show Detail Item cannot be used on its own; it must be used inside of a Panel Accordion or a Panel Tabbed to contain a group of children contents.

One or more Show Detail Item components can be used inside of Panel Accordion or Panel Tabbed. Each Show Detail Item will correspond to one accordion pane or one tabbed pane. One or more child components inside of Show Detail Item then make up the accordion pane or tabbed pane contents. For example:

<af:panelAccordion discloseMany="true">
  <af:showDetailItem text="Pane 1" ..>
    <af:outputText value="Pane contents here"/>

Stretching of Contents in Panel Accordion and Panel Tabbed

Panel Tabbed and Panel Accordion can be stretched by their parent stretching layout component, but they do not stretch their children contents automatically. A Show Detail Item component will allow stretching, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • There is only one child inside of Show Detail Item
  • The StretchChildren attribute on Show Detail Item is set to first
  • The child has no width, height, border, margin, or padding property set
  • The child can be stretched

Examples of components that cannot be stretched inside Show Detail Item include:

  • Panel Border Layout
  • Panel Box
  • Panel Form Layout
  • Panel Group Layout when layout="default" or layout="horizontal"
  • Panel Header
  • Panel Label and Message
  • Panel List

Examples of components that can be stretched inside Show Detail Item include:

  • Decorative Box
  • Panel Accordion
  • Panel Collection
  • Panel Group Layout when layout="scroll" or layout="vertical"
  • Panel Splitter
  • Panel Stretch Layout
  • Panel Tabbed
  • Region
  • Table
  • Tree
  • Tree table

If you do not want a child inside of Show Detail Item to be stretched, first wrap the child in a layout component that can be stretched but does not stretch its children, for example, a Panel Group Layout with layout="scroll".

Flexibility of Contents in Panel Accordion

The DiscloseMany attribute of Panel Accordion determines whether more than one pane (Show Detail Item) can be disclosed (open) at a time. By default, DiscloseMany is false, that is only one pane can be disclosed at a time. By setting DiscloseMany to true, you are allowing end users to disclose multiple panes at a time.

The Flex attribute of Show Detail Item determines the flexibility of the component in the container Panel Accordion. When more than one Show Detail Item in the container has a Flex value greater than zero, the container uses the Flex values to determine how space is distributed among the disclosed pane contents. Show Detail Item components with larger values will be made larger then components with smaller values.

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