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The Bread Crumbs component is used to create a path of links from the current page back to the root page. Like the Navigation Pane component, the Bread Crumbs component accepts a series of Command Navigation Item components as children, with each Command Navigation Item representing one link.

  <af:commandNavigationItem text="Crumb 1"../>
  <af:commandNavigationItem text="Crumb 2"../>
  <af:commandNavigationItem text="Crumb 3"../>

By default, breadcrumb links are displayed in a horizontal line, which can be changed to a vertical, stepped list by setting the Orientation attribute on the Bread Crumbs component to vertical.

The last breadcrumb link (that is, the last Command Navigation Item child) is always the current page. Depending on the renderer or client device type, the last breadcrumb link may not be displayed, but you still have to add a Command Navigation Item component for it. On clients that do display the last breadcrumb link, ADF Faces by default displays the current page link as "selected".

Like the Navigation Pane component, the Bread Crumbs component can be declaratively bound to an XML menu model. Then instead of using individual Command Navigation Item components to represent the links, you would use the nodeStamp facet and only one Command Navigation Item to stamp out the appropriate number of links.

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