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The Panel Tabbed component is used to create a series of tabbed panes with contents. When you add a Panel Tabbed, JDeveloper uses above as the default value for the Position attribute. This means the tabs will display above the pane contents only. Other valid values of Position are below and both. The following illustration shows a Panel Tabbed component with its Position attribute set to both:

Browser page, top and bottom tabbed panes

One or more Show Detail Item components must be used inside of Panel Tabbed. One or more child components inside of a Show Detail Item then make up the tabbed pane contents. For example:

<af:panelTabbed position="both"..>
  <af:showDetailItem text="Tab 1"..>
    <af:outputText value="Pane contents here"../>  
  <af:showDetailItem text="Tab 2"..>
    <af:outputText value="Pane contents here"../>  

Each Show Detail Item corresponds to one tab. When end users select a tab, the children belonging to that Show Detail Item are displayed; all other tab contents are hidden.

Panel Tabbed can be stretched by a parent stretching layout component such as Panel Stretch Layout. When inserted into a facet of Panel Stretch Layout, you do not have to set the width and height properties of Panel Tabbed for the component to be stretched.

Panel Tabbed does not stretch its children contents; Show Detail Item does. But certain conditions must be met for Show Detail Item to allow stretching, namely:

  • There is only one child inside of Show Detail Item
  • The StretchChildren attribute on Show Detail Item is set to first
  • The child has no width, height, border, margin, or padding property set
  • The child can be stretched

Examples of components that can be stretched inside Show Detail Item include Table and Tree, if the above conditions are met.

Note: Do not confuse Panel Tabbed with Navigation Pane. The Navigation Pane component creates a series of navigation items (including tabs) that represent one level of navigation in a page hierarchy.

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