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The Panel Collection component is used to wrap direct children components such as Table, Tree, and Tree Table to provide menu, toolbar, and status bar items. The type of top level default menu and toolbar items it provides will vary according to the child component it contains. For example, when the child is Table, Tree, or Tree Table, the default top level menu item is View, and the default toolbar item is Detach.

Panel Collection can be stretched by a parent stretching component such as Panel Stretch Layout and Show Detail Item. When inserted into a facet of Panel Stretch Layout, you do not have to set the width and height properties of Panel Collection for the component to be stretched. When inserted into Show Detail Item, certain conditions must be met for Show Detail Item to allow Panel Collection to be stretched, namely:

  • There is only one child inside of Show Detail Item
  • The StretchChildren attribute on Show Detail Item is set to first
  • The child has no width, height, border, margin, or padding property set

Panel Collection can stretch a single Table, Tree, or Tree Table child. You do not have to set the width and height properties of Table for the component to be stretched inside of Panel Collection.

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