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Show Printable Page Behavior is a client behavior tag that provides a declarative solution to a common client operation that you would otherwise have to write yourself using JavaScript. When associated with a Command Button component, Show Printable Page Behavior generates and displays a printable version of the current page when users activate the command component.

<af:commandButton text="Show Printable Page"..>

When you use Show Printable Page Behavior with Panel Accordion or Panel Splitter, be sure to place the Command Button (with its nested Show Printable Page Behavior tag) in the pane or facet that contains the contents to be printed.

In the example, by placing the Command Button (with its nested Show Printable Page Behavior) within a facet of Panel Stretch Layout, this ensures that only the contents of the center pane will be printable.

When the command button is activated, a request is sent to the server to get a printable page; the action event, which is typically fired when a command component is activated, is not sent. ADF Faces displays the printable version of the page in a new browser window or in a new tab in the browser window.

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