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When you complete the steps for adding tables into Panel Tabbed and Panel Collection, the visual editor should look similar to this:

Visual editor, complete page

It is good practice to remove any unused facets in your page layout code. To do this, click Source in the editor window to use the XML editor. For example, the following empty facets can be deleted:

  • the start and end facets of the root ( psl1) Panel Stretch Layout
  • the top facet of the outer Decorative Box ( db1)
  • the bottom, center, and top facets of the nested Panel Stretch Layout psl2
  • the start, end, and top facets of the Panel Stretch Layout ( psl3) that is inside the inner Decorative Box ( db2)
  • the menus, toolbar, statusbar facets of Panel Collection

When you run the page, the page in the browser should look similar to this:

Page in browser

Note: Since you did not bind the tables to any data source, you will see the table column headings only, and not the empty table cells.

Collapse the right pane by clicking the right-pointing arrow on the splitter bar. In Tab1, the last column (blank) in the table should be stretched. Click Tab2. The last column ( col5) should be stretched.

Click the Show Printable Page button. You should see a new browser window or new tab in a browser window that contains only the contents of the selected tab.

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