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The JDeveloper application is the highest level in the organizational structure. It stores information about the objects you are working with, while you are creating your application. It keeps track of your projects and the environment settings while you are developing.

A JDeveloper application allows you to specify a predefined type of environment, based on prebuilt templates, depending on the type of application you want to create (web application, Java application, and so on). The template you select determines the initial project structure, and the named project folders within the application. You can alter existing templates or create new ones. For this application, accept the default setting, Generic Application so that this application does not contain inappropriate components.

For this application, you use the Create Generic Application wizard. This wizard opens after you select Applications and then Generic Application in the New Gallery. This wizard steps you through naming the the application and, if needed, through creating a project for the application as well.

ADF Mobile application development for desktop browsers is nearly identical to ADF Web application development for desktop browsers; the two only differ in how you create the Web project; for ADF Mobile applications, you develop an ADF Mobile application by creating Web pages in the Web project.

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