tell me more icon Creating a JSF Page

The pages you create for your web application using JavaServer Faces are JSP documents (which have the file extension .jspx) or JSP pages (which have the file extension .jsp).

You can create the pages with the Create JSF JSP dialog, opening it from:

  • The New Gallery
  • The ADF Task Flow diagrammer
  • A JSF page template or document

You will create the /br-o.jspx page and add a layout manager to define the layout of components on the page. To open the dialog, in the ADF Task Flow diagrammer, you will double-click the JSF page icon:

When you create a new JSF JSP page, JDeveloper automatically creates a starter page structure with a JSP page directive.

At creation time you also specify whether and how you want to bind the components on the pages to backing beans. You can also optionally define some aspects of the look and feel for the new pages.

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