tell me more icon Designing the User Interface

To create the user interface, add Apache MyFaces Trinidad components to the JSF pages.

JDeveloper provides a Component Palette to add UI and data components to your JSP pages. While inserting, copying, or moving page components, you select an insertion point on the page in the visual editor or in the Structure window in relation to a target page element. JDeveloper provides visual cues to indicate the location of the insertion point before, after, or contained inside a target component. Alternatively, you can use the Structure view for precise control over how the components are placed in the page.

The Panel Group Layout is a simple layout manager: elements on the page are arranged either horizontally, vertically, or adjacent to each other, wrapping as needed. This example uses a vertical layout, so components added to the page will be laid out in a single vertical column. In order to use all available space in the page, you set the width of the layout to 100%.

You can set the properties of the components either using a dialog displayed at the time you drop the component, if one is required, or later using the Property Inspector.

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