tell me more icon Data Control Panel and UI Controls

The Data Control panel comprises a hierarchical display of available business objects, methods, and data control operations.

With the aid of the Data Control panel, UI design is a series of drag-and-drop steps. The list of available UI controls appears when you drop the data object selection from the panel into the page. Only the UI controls that are appropriate to display the chosen data object (collection or attribute) will appear in the list. For example, when you drag a collection from the Data Control panel, your UI choices do not include a text field, but do include a table control.

When you dragged the OrdersView1 collection from the Data Controls panel into the Structure view, you created a read-only form to display data from the OrdersView view object.

Next, add a button to navigate to the edit page.

You defined the control flow from the browse page to the edit page when you created the task flow diagram; you will set your button's action property to the name of this control flow, goEdit.

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