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The JDeveloper IDE includes a Java EE runtime service for packaged archive deployment called Integrated WLS. Based on zero-copy deployment, Integrated WLS lets you run and test an application and its projects as a Java EE application in a Java EE container. Integrated WLS server instances can be bound to applications and then started, stopped, and debugged.

By default, JDeveloper automatically configures a server instance named DefaultServer that references a user-specific instance of Oracle WebLogic Server bundled with the IDE. No special connection setup is required to use DefaultServer. You can run the entire application, a project, or individual JSF pages.

When you run a JSF application in the IDE, JDeveloper automatically:

  • Starts the DefaultServer instance, if not already running.
  • Compiles and deploys the application to the DefaultServer instance.
  • Launches the application in your default browser using the following default address:

    For example:

To stop the application, on the JDeveloper toolbar click   terminate icon   Terminate  and choose the application bound server instance from the dropdown menu.

Note:  Terminating the application stops and undeploys the application from DefaultServer but it does not terminate the DefaultServer instance.

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