tell me more icon Running an Emulator

To test an ADF Mobile application using an emulator, enter your computer's IP Address into the application URL, in place of the localhost reference. Device emulator cannot resolve the localhost reference as it simulates a network device, so you must substitute the localhost reference with the IP address of your computer. Other than the host name, the remainder of the application URL is correct. For example, enter http://<IP Address>:<Port Number>/adfm-mvc-context-root/faces/br-o.jspx in the device browser.

To enable the emulator to connect to JDeveloper, first determine the IP Address of the local computer. To do this, use the ipconfig command interface on Windows systems o r the ifconfig command on Linux/UNIX systems. Next, enter the IP Address in the browser of the emulator In the following image, the IP Address and Port Numbers is 135.35.555.55:8998, making the entire URL http://www.130.35.555.55:8988/adfm-mvc-context-root/faces/br-o.jspx. For Windows Mobile 6 emulators, select Fit to Screen or Desktop as the browser mode.




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