tell me more icon Creating a Static LOV

A static LOV is based on a view object where transient attributes are created and populated at design time. You will assign the view object to a specific attribute that requires an LOV and choose how the LOV will be displayed. You then edit a page to display the attribute as an LOV list.

The general steps are:

  • Specify that the OrderStatusCode attribute of OrdersView will use the StatusCodes view object as an LOV.
  • Set default display options for the OrderStatusCode attribute at the view object level.
  • Edit the ed-o.jspx page to use the LOV as detailed in the view object.

You will use the Data Control panel to create an LOV on the OrderStatusCode attribute of OrdersView.

The value of the LOV's StatusCode attribute will be returned to the OrderStatusCode attribute of OrdersView. Additional return values can be set up.

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