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You can connect to any database for which you have connection details, or install the sample schema used in the cue card examples and then establish a connection to it. If you installed the sample schema, you will be able to follow the steps in the cue cards exactly as written. If you work with your own database, you can supply your own values as needed.

To begin creating a database connection, you will open the Create Database Connection dialog. To open the dialog, choose File then choose New . In the New Gallery, select Connections in the Categories tree and Database Connection in the Items list. Then click OK.

New Gallery, Database Connection

When you create a database connection, you specify a username and password to authenticate the connection. You may use any valid username and password and connect to any schema.

Create Database Connection dialog

However, to follow along with the example in the cue cards, connect to the FOD schema by entering fod as the username.

Connection Name fod
Connection Type Oracle (JDBC)
Username fod (for example)
Password manager (for example)
Driver thin
Host Name localhost (or the name of the host)
JDBC Port 1521 (or the port for your database)
SID XE (or the SID for your database)

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