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Oracle ADF Business Components is a model layer technology in the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF). A fully-featured, XML-based framework for creating business services, ADF Business Components governs the interaction between the rest of the application and the data stored in the data source, providing validation, specific services, and other business logic.

To begin creating ADF Business Components, you will launch the Create Business Components from Tables wizard. To launch the wizard, in the Application Navigator, right-click the project and choose New . In the New Gallery, under Business Tier in the Categories tree, select ADF Business Components and then select Business Components from Tables in the Items list, and click OK.

New Gallery, ADF Business Components from Tables

Before the wizard launches, you will specify the database connection you created previously. The ADF Business Components project requires a database connection that you will use to create business components from database objects. The database connection you specify will also be used by the Oracle ADF Business Components runtime to manage session facade failover and state management.

Part of Initialize Business Components Project dialog

In the Create Business Components from Tables wizard, you will create default business components based on the ORDERS, ORDER_ITEMS and PRODUCTS_BASE tables in the Fusion Order Demo schema.

Entity Objects

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