tell me more icon Creating the Page Flow

The mvc ("mobile" view-controller) project in the application contains a default JSF page flow, faces-config.xml. A page flow includes the JSF pages and page navigation rules that define an application's page flow.

You will create an page flow diagram that defines the flow of your application: a browse page leading to an edit page. In creating this application, you create the navigation between the browse and edit pages using a JSF Navigation Cases. When you draw navigation on a page flow diagram:

  • The required navigation rules and cases are added to the configuration file automatically for you.
  • The different cases for each rule are shown on the diagram as arrows connecting pages, with the direction of the arrow indicating the pages that users navigation to and from. A label is associated with each case, to be used to distinguish the different cases from a single page.

There are two ways to change the outcome of a page flow case: change the label directly on the diagram; or select the page flow case and change its from-outcome property in the Property Inspector.

Each navigation rule defines what the destination should be for one or more links from a single page. For each link on that page, you need a separate case of the rule, that is, a page navigation case.

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