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A JDeveloper project is used to logically group files that are related. A project keeps track of the source files, packages, classes, images, and other elements that your program may need. You can add multiple projects to your application to easily access, modify, and reuse your source code.

ADF Mobile application development for desktop browsers differs from ADF Web application development for desktop browsers in the creation of the Web project. 

To begin, you will create a new generic project in the application by choosing New Project from the application icon application dropdown menu.

Application Menu options

Alternatively, you can choose File then choose New to open the New Gallery, and then select the Generic Project item from the General category.

New Gallery, Generic Project

The Create Generic Project wizard steps you through naming and creating a project for the application. For mobile projects, keep names short and in lowercase so that they are easier to enter from the browser of a mobile device.

In the wizard, you will also select the Mobile technology for your new project. Selecting technologies for a project enables you to filter the choices offered by the New Gallery, so that the choices you see are targeted to the type of work you are doing. Technology scopes are set per project. They are used only within JDeveloper to assist you as you work, and have no effect on the data in the project itself.

Notice that selecting Mobile Browser automatically propagates the required associated technologies in the Selected pane:

Create Generic Project wizard

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